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Author Paul Tick


Paul Tick was born in Margaretville, New York, in 1940. He is a retired Glass Scientist. Paul Tick received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Northeastern University in Chemical Engineering and a Doctorate from MIT in Material Science. He then embarked upon a career as an exploratory researcher at Corning Incorporated. During his 32 years there, Paul Tick found that he was very good at technical writing and, over the years, published 65 peer-reviewed scientific papers and wrote one book chapter.

After his retirement in 1999, Paul A. Tick needed to find something to keep him occupied, and he turned to write fiction. He then published two books, “Letters” andThe Ledger.”

The first book of Paul Tick, “Letters” is a tale of intimate relationships that unfolds through a series of letters to family and friends left behind by a couple who committed suicide. His second book, “The Ledger,” describes life in a small New York village in 1861 and how the American Civil War changed it.


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The Ledger
Book Cover

Letters Book Cover

Letter by Paul Tick

The Ledger Book Cover

The Ledger by Paul Tick

by Author Paul Tickk

What was it like to live in the 1860s?

How fictional life is intertwined with real events as the war progresses and what life might have been like for those who served in the army.

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Letter by Paul Tick
Letter by Paul Tick

by Author Paul Tick

Letters is a story about interpersonal relationships that are told uniquely. A seemingly happily married couple commits suicide and leaves behind letters to family and friends that describe the intimate details of how their lives were intertwined with each addressee. These were a kind of a remembrance legacy of events that might have long been forgotten. They requested that the last letter be read at their funeral. It will explain why they chose to die together. But is there more to it?

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