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Author Paul Tick

Retired Glass Scientist – Author

Author Paul Tick

Paul Tick saw himself as a consummate nerd. He wanted to be an engineer or scientist since he was a little boy. Math and science are his true love. English composition and creative writing were something he had to do as college course requirements, but it was never his main focus in his younger years.

Mr. Paul Tick pursued a technical profession, receiving a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Northeastern University in Chemical Engineering and a Doctorate from MIT in Material Science. He then embarked upon a career as an exploratory researcher at Corning Incorporated. During his 32 years there, he found that he was very good at technical writing and, over the years, published 65 peer-reviewed scientific papers and wrote one book chapter. In addition, he often edited and proofread manuscripts that his colleagues had written.


After Author Paul Tick retirement in 1999,

More About Paul Tick

Paul Tick needed to find something to keep him occupied, and he turned to write fiction. This was a challenging transition, but he eventually learned the nuances of how to write effectively, mainly from a writer’s group that he joined. As a scientist, his strength was to think outside the box, try the seemingly impossible, and not follow the crowd. Paul believes this tactic has carried over in how he tells a story.

His first book, Letters,” is an example of that. Chapters don’t structure the book. Instead, it’s a tale of intimate relationships that unfolds through a series of letters to family and friends left behind by a couple who committed suicide. His second book, The Ledger,” is a description of life in a small New York village in 1861 and how the American Civil War changed it. Those details are recorded in daily notes written in the margins of the sales journal of the local mercantile store.


Paul Tick

writing style isn’t unlike his published scientific papers; he never strays very far from the storyline with irrelevant details. Paul thinks that his fictional novels won’t appeal to everyone. There’s none of the fluff that other writers dwell on, so if you like a clear, concise narrative, he is the author for you.