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Book "Letters"
By Paul A. Tick

Letter by Paul Tick


Letter by Paul Tick


Caitlin usually talked to her parents, Alan and Elizabeth, every day, but when she hadn’t heard from them, she went to their home to investigate. To her horror, she found both of them dead, in a car they’d left running in the garage. Why? As far as she knew, they had a storybook marriage and no other problems. Inside the house, she found a stack of letters addressed to family and friends, and hers was on top. Then, as she read, it described some of the details of her life that she’d long since forgotten. She realized that this was her parent’s way of saying goodbye to her; they wanted to leave behind a permanent legacy of their lives. But, as the other letters were read, similar accounts of their relationships with Alan and Elizabeth unfolded. Their intent seemed always to be remembered through the final words in those letters.

 The last letter was to be opened at their funeral. It would explain everything, or would it?


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